Check out this guide to HR jobs in Manchester

The past few decades have seen a huge increase in the number of human resources based positions across the United Kingdom. Following on from the success of the American employment model, which very quickly realised just how important it was to have a dedicated department to deal with all hiring and firing issues, as well as to help with any disputes and issues that staff had, the British job market has certainly become a much more straightforward place thanks to the introduction of HR departments.

If you have always wanted to work in HR jobs in Manchester, then we'll be able to let you in on some of the things you should know. Firstly, it's always a good idea to know the potential day to day tasks that await you in any given job. When it comes to HR, you can expect to work closely with all departments in order to identify any potential positions that need to be filled, mediate any issues between employees, recruit staff, manage the staff payroll, review salaries, ensure that working conditions are suitable for your staff, plan HR strategies, analyse any training requirements and adhere to any employment laws and legislation within the United Kingdom.

You will usually start off on between £22,000 and £25,000 per year, which can increase as high as £80,000 for the head of the department, or a director of HR with a large company.

In order to find HR jobs in Manchester, we recommend you check out the following websites;

  • personneltoday.com
  • peoplemanagement.co.uk
  • reed.co.uk


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