A guide to HR jobs in Canada

Job seekers who are looking for HR jobs in Canada will need to know that this industry is very competitive. Due to this it may take weeks or even months for job applicants to find a desirable position. Those who want to work in this industry will need to aggressively look for job leads and check job listing websites on a daily basis.

Before applying for a job, applicants must make sure that they check the requirements of each individual vacancy. Most HR firms in Canada require applicants to have basic HR training and a few years of experience under their belt. Job seekers who have no experience or relevant qualifications should consider taking a human resources course. The wesbite Canadianhrpress.ca has a number of HR related training programs available.

An excellent website for job listings is HRjob.ca. This website specialises in listing HR positions and keeping up to date with industry news. Both job seekers and anybody in the HR business should check this website on a regular basis.

Lastly job applicants should make sure that they contact job agencies directly. It does not take much effort to phone top Canadian recruitment agencies such as Drake and Adecco and ask for the e-mail address of the branch manager. Once the job seeker has this information they can forward a cover letter and CV to the company. In the best case scenario, the job agency will keep the CV on file and contact the applicant when a job comes up.


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