Interested in HR and admin jobs?

The admin industry is a major employer in the UK. HR and admin jobs can be found in abundance across the country and offer job seekers a golden opportunity of steady employment, competitive wages and a standard working week.

Skills and qualifications

There are no specific qualifications required for HR and admin jobs in the UK. A certificate or degree in business, English or maths from a third level institution will catch the eye of employers and put you in a position where you can confidently apply for some of the higher paying roles with extra responsibility.

The most important skills to possess are technology based. If you can operate a PC, you'll have no trouble securing jobs in the admin industry. Proficiency with computer programs, such as Microsoft Office and Excel, and a typing ability of 65 - 90 words per minute will be expected from candidates for most HR and admin jobs.

If your computer skills are lacking, a short computer course will quickly imbue you with the skills you need for the industry.

Communication and people skills are also very important for job seekers. You'll find you spend a lot of your time dealing with customers and being able to make them feel comfortable and relax is vital.

Salary Expectations

Rates of pay for HR and admin jobs varies from industry to industry, but most positions pay around £7 to £12 an hour. Salaries increase for management roles and earnings of over £35k are not uncommon in the industry.

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