HP Job Cuts announced including 1124 in the UK

Any firm announcing job cuts for 2014 is extremely worrying given that we’re only a few days into the New Year, but computer maker Hewlett-Packard's announcement that thousands of jobs will be lost is a major blow to the computer industry. The information has come from a filing with US regulators, but the job cuts won’t only affect their North American operations.

HP has also made the market aware that it will shed further jobs before the end of 2014. According to a report, the firm will be cutting 34,000 positions which is 11% of its entire workforce before 2014 is over.

The US computer giant is going to cut 1,124 positions from its UK workforce as part of its global downsizing, a measure that’s become necessary as HP has failed to keep up with the march of technology. Demand has slumped for their laptops and desktop machines and it’s been too slow to adapt to the market’s demand for tablet computers.

The UK job losses are expected to take 500 workers from the firm’s Warrington site, 600 from their Bracknell hub and the remainder from their Sheffield operation. The Unite union said that representatives had met with managers at HP when the plans were first raised, and the union’s confirmed that they’ve done all they can to limit the impact of HP’s global restructuring.

The firm’s statement does little to give comfort to those facing the sack: “HP remains committed to supporting the employability of its employees through a number of internal initiatives, including re-skilling, redeployment and support to obtain alternative employment as appropriate.”

Towards the end of 2013, HP said that it would cut 8% of its workforce, a figure closer to 27,000, so we’re assuming that they relooked at the numbers after a poor end to 2013 and added to the list of redundancies.

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