How to write great cover letters for teachers jobs

Teaching is such a competitive profession that a great covering letter can really make the difference. Also bear in mind that teachers often stay with one school for the whole of their career, so you could be applying for a job that will see you through to retirement. Although that’s a scary prospect that could add pressure to your job application, writing great cover letters for teachers jobs is a pressure free way of aiding your cause before you face a lengthy interview with the head teacher.

Basic structure

It’s important to get the presentation right so following this basic structure will help you.

  • Name and address, on the right hand side of the page
  • Date, a line below but across on the left
  • Name of recipient, on the right
  • Address of organisation, on the right
  • Dear, including the title and surname only
  • Reference to the job title
  • Letter content

    The first paragraph of the letter should be a statement outlining why you’re applying for the position and why you’re interested in working for the school. If you’ve won any awards, this is the paragraph to mention them in. Say where you saw the job advertised and add that you’ve enclosed your CV.

    The second paragraph should begin with something specific about the school you’re applying to. You’ll need to do your homework here, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to find out one of the school’s strengths and to explain a little further why you want to become part of the school.

    The third paragraph is a chance to talk about your strengths. Here you can outline why you’re the right candidate for the job. Making a link between you and the school will strengthen your argument. Adding a note about your relevant experience will also add weight to your application.

    In the fourth paragraph you should talk about what you hope to gain from the job and a little bit about your ambition for the future. Highlighting any interests that are relevant to the job is also a good idea.

    In the final paragraph you should conclude your letter positively and make the school aware when you will be available for interviews. A positive tone that says you are looking forward to hearing back from them is a great way to end.

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