How to write good cover letters for accounting jobs

Some recruiters won’t go beyond the covering letter if it doesn’t hold their attention so your glowing CV won’t even be opened. Your covering letter is a way of introducing yourself and grabbing attention from the other candidates. It’s the first way you have of getting your personality across, and in some ways writing good cover letters for accounting jobs is more important than producing a good CV.

Screening applicants

Employers who are inundated with applications will often use the covering letter as a way of screening candidates. For this reason, it needs to market and promote you but it also has to leave the recruiter wanting more. Don’t list your achievements liberally across the text as that will look too desperate, and don’t take all the credit when things went well because no matter what accounting position you’re interested in, you’ll be working as part of the finance team.

Targeted covering letter

The best way to write good cover letters for accounting jobs is to target the piece for the position you’re interested in and the firm you’re applying to. Even the most highly qualified won’t get an interview if their covering letter is too generic. To write a good covering letter you’ll have to research the company you’re applying to. With the internet, this really isn’t too difficult to do.

Writing a good letter

Often the only information you have for sure about the role comes from the advert the recruiter placed. In the advert the employer will have specified certain skillsets they require for the position so the best way of creating a great covering letter is to match your experience to their requirements. This is another painstaking job that needs dedication, thought and attention but it will be worthwhile.


When applying for an accounting position like management accountant, purchase ledger supervisor or credit controller, you’ll often find that experience and qualifications go hand-in-hand. You will probably want to mention your AAT, CIMA or ICM qualification but this can be done subtly with your signature rather than making a point of it. If the job specifically asks for candidates with a particular qualification that you hold, you have to mention it within the body of the text, but if not then don’t shout about your qualifications. Lots of other candidates will have the same qualifications, so don’t rely on your academic results to get you a job.

Final word

If you're in any doubt about your covering letters for accounting jobs, look for samples online to base yours on. Don't copy, but use the sample as a guide and make it your own.

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