How to write an application letter for a marketing job

If you’re looking for a new role in marketing you’re probably well aware of how to present yourself thanks to the skills necessary to carry out your job. You’ve probably got your online presence sorted out and there’s no doubt a portfolio of work ready to demonstrate your skills, but have you considered how to write an application letter for a marketing job?

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Your covering letter is an opportunity to highlight some of the skills that have got you to this point in your career so make sure you mention them. Don’t oversell them or the employer may stop reading and not even get to your CV.


The format differs depending on the grade of job you’re looking for. With a lower level position, you may need to outline the specifics of your job role as the responsibilities you have won’t necessarily be shared at the same level in another firm. As you climb the corporate ladder and begin to manage staff and take the lead with projects, the responsibilities within your role will be very similar across different business and different industries, so less specifics will be needed and more examples of your achievements.


You academic achievements and those within the job need to be part of the letter. Preferably towards the top of the covering letter which should begin by stating where you saw the job advertised. Once you’ve covered these topics, you’re left with a paragraph about yourself within which you can state why you’re looking for new work. Perhaps you’re ambitious to progress your career or you’re interested in working for a bigger company. Whatever your reason to leave, put a positive spin on it.

Final word

So you’ve written the letter well, checked it for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, so what else can you do? If you’re printing and posting it, you should use high-grade paper. The quality feel really can make a difference to the way you’re perceived when the letter and attached CV are read.

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