How to write a job interview thank you letter

If your interview was through an agency, you probably don’t need to know how to write a job interview thank you letter because your agency will pass on your thanks to the firm, but if you’re applying for a job directly, this is a way of keeping in the interviewer’s thoughts.


This is either done on paper or via Email. Either way, the format remains the same. This should be a formal letter not a quick thank you note. You’re not saying thanks to an Aunty for buying you a present at Christmas, you’re showing you’re a professional who really wants the job. This is also an opportunity to show that you listened and understood what was said during your interview.

Opening content

Tell the interviewer that the interview was enjoyable and mention that the job is a good match for your skills. This should be the sort of content used in your opening line. Your next sentence needs to go into a little detail about why you’re the right candidate for the job. Drop in some industry terminology and make sure you use the job title the firm you’re apply to join do. So if the position was advertised as a sales executive rather than a sales rep, make sure you use their terminology to show your prospective employer that you’re on the same page as them.

Closing content

Think of this letter in two halves. The opening two paragraphs are saying how much you liked the interview and why you’re right for the role. These next two paragraphs allow more detail. In the third paragraph you should drop in a note about a specific experience that shaped your career. This is the time to mention a great sale that you made or how mentoring a new colleague helped you see things from another perspective. In short, this paragraph is more personal than the others. But always remember to remain professional. The final paragraph is just your sign off. Why not say that you’re looking forward to hearing back from them as their earliest convenience. This is not a hurry up letter that’s designed to get a response so make that clear when you sign off.

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