How to write a cover letter for the game industry

If you’re thinking of getting a job in the gaming industry, you’ll need a killer covering letter to get yourself noticed. That’s especially true if your CV doesn’t reflect the sort of experience the head honchos in the industry are looking for. We’ll tell you how to write a cover letter for the game industry but you’ll need to back that up with an impressive interview.
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Knowledge of the industry

Although you don’t have any experience of working within the industry, you must have lots of knowledge about it or else you wouldn’t be interested in working in the gaming business. Demonstrating that knowledge and interest in your covering letter will help get the attention you’re after. The gaming industry evolves at the speed of light so if you’ve been interested in gaming for decades and have experience of playing the original PlayStation, mention it in the letter. Talk about the things that sparked your interest and why you want to be part of the industry. If you’re following any gaming blogs or if you contribute to any gaming websites, be sure to mention them


Every industry has a different culture. The gaming industry is a progressive and liberal working environment. The work schedules are normally flexible and the environment is an open and collaborative one. If you’re the sort of person who’d thrive in this environment, make this clear with some examples. Allow your personality to come through in your covering letter, so you can dispense with some of the formalities normally associated with letter writing.


This is the most important thing to do. A beautifully crafted covering letter that’s off aim won’t have the desired effect. You can do all the research you need through the web so there’s no excuse. Target your perfect firm and tailor the covering letter to them. Make an effort to be up to date with the firm’s news. If they’ve just created a new product line or opened a new office mention these things to show you’re interested in the firm. This sort of knowledge will show your keenness to join the firm.

Transferrable skills

Your transferrable skills can be illustrated best by matching them to the job spec. Use your background and skills to demonstrate that you could do the job even though you haven’t done it for any other firm. Coupling this with the enthusiasm and interest you’ve shown in earlier parts of the letter should help you get an interview. Then it’s up to you to impress.

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