How to write a career plan

Planning your career is a great idea no matter what line of work you’re in but you have to remain flexible because the best laid plans don’t always work out. Find out how to write a career plan that’s realistic and flexible enough to change over time.

Career goals

Setting out your career goals is an easy shorthand for your career plan. Where your career plans sets out a timescale, your career goals just outline the endgame. A career goal could be as simple as to work for a major organisation or to become a manager or to change careers. A career plan is a collection of ideas that will help make those goals into reality.

Career planning

Choosing a career that suits you is the first thing you must do. Take the time to think about the sorts of industries that interest you and the types of jobs that match your skill set. If you’re brand new to the workplace, you should use your schooling to determine what you’re best at. Industries such as engineering look for individuals with strong maths and science backgrounds. Those whose skills were best illustrated in humanities classrooms like history, law, literature and religion might not find their skills as readily transferrable to most industries but there are jobs directly related to these topics which could see you working in a museum, a court of law or within the church ministry.

Career steps

Assuming that you’ve decided to “become a chemist” or to “become a paralegal”, how do you set out the pathway to success? Well, the next step is to elaborate on the statement. You need to do this because it’s easier to “become a footballer” than to “become a Premier League footballer” or even “an England first team footballer.”


You’ll need to use the web to come up with the steps in your plan. Now you’ve refined your goal, look online for examples of people who have made their way to a position you’d be proud to occupy. Read their story. You can’t reproduce their career path exactly, but you will get some ideas of where to begin. You should also use a general site like nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk.

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