How to work at home and earn money online

If you need a little extra to support your family, give you some spending money during retirement or to put pounds in your pocket while you study, you should consider working from home. There are lots of online jobs worth considering and even more that are worthless, so finding out how to work at home isn't as important as working out what's worth your time and effort.
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While anyone can complete online surveys and earn a little money, most everyday people won’t make significant money from completing online surveys. Most websites pay you with vouchers but you’re going to have to wade through pages and pages of questions before you reach the end and you’ll have to complete a lot of surveys to get your hands on any useful money. If you’re still interested, the sites that are recommended include Swagbucks (swagbucks.com), Global Test Market (globaltestmarket.com) and My Survey (uk.mysurvey.com). If you’re going to apply, set up a dedicated email address for the purpose or your main inbox will be filled up with messages generated by the firms whose surveys you’re taking.

Website testing

Where surveys can be undertaken by anyone, website testing take a skill set that only the most technically minded people have. Companies that are in need of feedback for their website or for their mobile phone app, either employ in-house testers or advertise for workers online. Websites like UserTesting.com, Whatusersdo.com and YouEye.com are worth looking into if this sort of work appeals. In terms of the money, you can expect somewhere between £6 and £8 per test, which should only take 25 minutes of your time.

Sell your photos online

Everyone likes to take a few snaps from time to time and if you’re technically proficient with a digital camera, you’ll be able to take decent images with a quality digital photo. You might be able to sell them online too. If you’re interested in making money from your images, check out Shutterstock (shutterstock.com) and iStockPhoto (istockphoto.com).

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