How to work as a game tester

Working in the video game industry could be a dream come true if you’re an avid gamer who likes nothing more than spending time in front of the TV screen with a game controller in hand. If that's you, we'll tell you how to work as a game tester in the UK so you can quickly join the army of players who get to influence the games others have to wait to play.
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This is a job that you’ll quickly become passionate about, but it’s one that need a methodical approach. You’re job as a game tester is to look for problems. Spotting bugs in the games and mistakes that need to be fixed before the game can go to market will allow you to get your hands on some titles before other gamers. All you need for this type of work is playing skill and a knowledge of the game market.

The work

The sorts of tasks you’ll be undertaking include playing games in great detail and in as many different ways as possible. You’ll have to check that the game performs as the designers intended. You’ll be expected to suggest improvements when you note the problems you come across. Small details will also be important, so you’ll be expected to notice little things like spelling mistakes and copyright issues.


While gaming is a fun activity at home, when you’re at work there are deadlines to meet. This is a pressurised job at time, particularly when lots of problems arise but it’s a rewarding one because you’ll be working on a product you believe in and want to see succeed. Persistence, patience and good computer skills are essential, but enthusiasm is the main proficiency you’ll need.


Testing is a very popular way of starting out in the gaming industry so this could be the first step on a bigger career path. If you’re interested in this sort of work, there’s a lot more information at nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk where you’ll be able to find a list of firms in the UK offering this sort of work.

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