How to study abroad in America, Australia and Japan

Some courses, like marine biology, have to be carried out abroad while others are better taught in other countries so finding out how to study abroad could be the next step towards the career you always promised yourself. There are several stages that you’ll have to complete while you remain in the UK, but there’s nothing stopping you from studying abroad.

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Study in USA

Studying in America is a very popular option. You don’t have to be bilingual of course and you probably won’t have to adjust to the culture too much to get on in the states. To enter America to study in a college of university, you’ll need Visa F. If your course is vocational or classed non-academic, you’ll need Visa M. The process is fairly simple but long. There’s an online non-immigration Visa application form to complete, which can be found at ceac.state.gov/genniv. Once you’ve completed the online form, you print it as you’ll need it for an interview. Part of completing the DS-160 online form includes the need to provide a photo, so that’s something to be aware of.

Study in Australia

This is another popular destination for students. As with entry to the USA, you’ll need a visa for studying in Australia. The form you need varies depending on the type of studying you’ll be doing but you’ll find examples of all of them at immi.gov.au. You need to provide proof that you can fund yourself through the duration of the course and you’ll be asked to provide evidence to back up almost everything you say on the application form, but the long process will be worth it when you’re studying in Sydney rather than Sidcup.

Study in Japan

This could truly be the experience of a lifetime, but you don’t want to take a lifetime to complete the application process. Thankfully, if you’re planning on studying in Japan for three months or less, you won’t need a student visa. Instead, you can get a tourist visa when you arrive at the airport.

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