How to speak in public successfully

For some people there’s nothing worse than speaking in public. Those who are paralysed by fear at the thought of speaking to a group may worry about speaking to a team of interviewers when they need to get a new job. If that sounds like you, we’ll give you a few tips on how to speak in public successfully that will help calm the nerves that hold you back.
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Tell stories

While you’re in an interview situation you’ll need to act naturally and present yourself professionally so your nervousness about speaking in public could get in the way of this. Telling stories is a way of connecting with the interviewers and it also allows you to tell them a little about yourself and your background.

Use humour

This isn’t a stand-up comedy set but you should use humour to engage with the interviewers. Speaking to a team of people who know each other but know nothing about you can be very daunting, but if you can get a smile or a laugh out of them, you’ll get the sort of feedback that will help relax you. Don’t take it too far. Always keep your comments on the non-controversial side.

Public speaking job opportunities

If you already know how to speak in public successfully, you’ll probably be interested in finding out how you can make some money from that skill. Public speaking job opportunities tend to come from sales and marketing departments where a confident manner and the ability to win over people with your words will bring you a lot of success.

Final word

Unless you’re going onto The X-Factor where a panel of judges and half the country will be auditioning you, you won’t need to speak in public to get a job but you can still use these skills to help you find the role that’s right for you.

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