How to respond to job offers

Knowing how to respond to job offers can be difficult, particularly if you are applying for multiple jobs at once. Here is a quick guide to help you respond correctly to job offers...

If you want to accept the job offer

  • Act quickly. If you seem hesitant the employer may begin to wonder if they have made the right decision. It's a good idea to plan your decisions in advance, so that you'll know exactly how to respond when you get that phone call.
  • However, don't rush into things. If you want the job but have some practical concerns that you need to address first, be honest with the employer. They will understand if you explain the situation and give them an estimate of when you will get back to them with a decision.
  • Always thank the employer for the opportunity.
  • Always sound enthusiastic.
  • Remember to get the information you need, such as starting dates and times.
  • Ask when you should expect to receive a written contract.

If you want to reject the offer

  • Don't beat around the bush. If you don't wish to accept, tell the employer immediately. Otherwise you risk confusing them or wasting their time.
  • Be polite and thank the employer for their time.
  • Busy employers may not wish to discuss the matter any further. However, most will want to know a reason. There's no harm in being truthful - if you received a better offer from somewhere else, let them know.
  • Always try to finish the conversation on good terms. This employer may be an important contact in the future.


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