How to quit work and go back to school

If you’re thinking about taking a course to improve your career prospects, you will have to decide if you’re going to complete the course after work and at the weekends or if you’ll need to stop work and concentrate on the course. We’ll tell you how to quit work and go back to school so that you can go back to work with improved career prospects.
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Changing careers

When you’re considering a change in career you might be wise to stop work and concentrate on your course. That could help your learning, especially if your new career path shares nothing with your current one. Of course making that choice is only really possible if you have no financial commitments.

Part time work

Rather than carry out a part time course while you work a full time job, why not work part time? This will give you the energy and enthusiasm to complete your course and what energy you have left can go into your paid work. Your part time job could be something that’s not too taxing so you have the mental capacity to learn but taking a job like this could leave you very short of money so you’ll need to look into social benefits.

Social benefits

The current benefit structure provides some cash for those who are studying full time so you really should look into this. It’s called the Universal Credit. It’s a replacement for jobseekers allowance. You’ll need to check gov.uk/apply-universal-credit to see if you’re eligible for the benefit. Your university will also have details about the sorts of monies you can claim.

Student loans and grants

You’ll also need to look into student loans and maintenance grants as these are a great way of keeping yourself financially afloat while you learn the skills that will hopefully project you into a new more fulfilling career.

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