How to make money from home - no scams involved!

Want to know how to make money from home - with no scams involved? The truth is that there is no "get rich quick" schemes - as with real life jobs, you are paid what you earn.

Of course, some work from home opportunities pay better than others. If you want to make top dollar working from home, IT is a good industry to get yourself into. Computer scientists, programmers and network engineers often earn up to £60,000 a year while working from home.

If IT isn't your strong point, never fear. Freelance consultants can earn up to £38,000 on a work from home basis. Consultants are employed in a range of fields, from advertising and marketing to engineering and accounting. To be a consultant, you will usually require a third level qualification in your field, at least three years' experience working in the industry, plus a reputation as an expert (or at least a very knowledgeable professional!).

Tutoring jobs from home are growing increasingly lucrative. This is because the use of the internet is eliminating the need to travel between appointments - so you can easily take on ten 45 minute lessons in one day. You set your own fees for your services, or you can sign up to a tutoring agency and earn around £11 per lesson.

Another genuinely good working from home opportunity is selling goods on eBay. People often overlook this one because they assume it's just a way to clear the clutter out of your wardrobe. However, there is the potential to earn good profits on eBay.

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