How to make money being an artist

People have been known to live for their art. Others have been known to die for their art but not many artists have been known to have been paid well for their art. If you want to know how to make money being an artist, read on as we’ve got some tips that will help you make it as a professional.


The sad truth is that no art no matter how great it is will be recognised unless you tell the world about it. You do this through networking with other artists, writers and buyers. One leads to the other. Fellow artists can get you recognised by writers who in turn can get your work recognised by buyers. Networking, therefore is everything.

Budget and plan

You’re already used to planning your work and making the most of your time but are you doing the same with your finances? You won’t be a professional artist if you can’t live on the cash you receive from your work. Making what money you do get last longer will give you more time to produce, perfect and sell your work. You don’t need to sacrifice everything for your art. In fact doing so could put undue pressure on yourself.


Taking internships can be another vital key to success but only take the ones that really count. Intern with a bunch of different galleries as this will give you loads of priceless experience of handling and selling art work. You will find that this puts your finger on the pulse of the market so even if the internship pays very little, the experience you’ll gain can be used to produce and market sellable art.


If you want to make it in any walk of life, you need to commit to it. Get rid of those side jobs that pay the bills and commit to making all your money from art. Copying paintings and doing portraits for money are far better ways of making cash than doing a job that’s totally unconnected with your art.

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