How to make money being a student

Life as a student means financial hardship unless you have a source of income. You really only want to borrow so much because you’ll have to pay it back eventually so working is the key to a successful and financially sound life as a student. Find out how to make money being a student so you can enjoy you studies with a little financial stability.

Sell your notes

The internet allows you to make money in ways that students from previous eras just could not. Selling your notes through a site like notesale.co.uk can help you generate some much needed income. You upload your notes and set a price. When other students download them, you earn some cash. You’ll have to upload your notes as PDF, but that’s no real chore nowadays.


Students are naturally good at researching and writing so why not take those skills and earn money through ePublishing? Anyone can publish with the Amazon Kindle Store, and doing so puts your work into a market that’s growing rapidly thanks to Kindle Apps for iOS and Android devices. You earn 70% of the sale price so this is a way of making a pretty penny while doing something worthwhile.

Other stuff

If none of these things appeal, you could get involved with online survey sites. They pay very little but there’s normally regular work. You could also earn money for searching the web with a firm like Qmee.com. On Qmee.com you’ll find a small download for your browser. Searching the web with this installed offers you extra choices from sponsored sites affiliated with Qmee. Clicking on these generates income. Probably the best thing about this innovative way of making money is that you can get your payments out no matter how little you earn as there’s no minimum payment threshold.

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