How to Look For a New Job Without Your Boss Finding Out

Trying to find new work is hard enough when you don’t let anyone know what you’re up to but it’s way harder when your boss is aware that you’re looking for the exit door. If you’ve inadvertently let your manager know that you’re seeking new employment, you might need to own up whenever interviews are offered but if your boss isn’t aware, you should employ these tactics to keep your secret safe.



You should already have a LinkedIn account but are you using it to network for a new job? You really should be using it to make links with those in the industry, and recruiters so that when you’re interested in getting a new position, you can call upon those guys for work. If you already have a number of recruiters on your LinkedIn, you can easily message them to see if the job market is any good that this time. You can just be “checking in” if the recruiter is someone who works with your current employers. Networking can be a subtle and easy way of touching base but the best thing to do with a site like LinkedIn is to always be networking through it. That way a job might be offered at a time when you’re not really looking. Wouldn’t that make job searching easy as pie?

Company phone

If you’re going to look for a new job, don’t use the company’s mobile to call recruiters. There’s a small chance your boss will look through your phone records and see a recruiters number but as job searching can take many months, you’re running a risk that’s not worth taking. Plus, you’ll be giving recruiters your work’s number when you provide them with your mobile number. Don’t be cheap. Buy a pay as you go mobile if you don’t have your own.

Don’t take sick days

This piece of advice is far harder to follow nowadays when companies want candidates to appear for interview with a moment’s notice but we always recommend that you don’t take a sick day when you’re heading out to interview. If nothing else, calling in sick on your interview day adds stress to an already stressful day. This behaviour often alerts a manager to the fact that his or her worker is looking for work.

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