How to know when a job interview went well

There are a few signs that a job interview went well. It’s worth picking up on those so you’re prepared for the follow up phone call from the recruitment agent or the firm’s HR department. Find out how to know when a job interview went well with the following easy to remember tips.

Ease your mind

If the interviewer talks about the bigger picture and about how your experience fits into that, you’re more than likely to get a second interview or a job offer. If the interviewer is talking about an upcoming challenge for the department and relating your experience to it, they’re already placing you within the team. This is a great sign that the interviewer sees you as a great fit for the department.


If the interviewer asks you how interested you are with the opportunity, he or she is gauging whether you share their level of keenness. This is a great sign and it’s up to you to strengthen this during the interview by showing interest and making it clear that you’ve researched the role and the firm.

Job prospects

This is another sign that you’re in with a good chance. If the interviewer asks about your other job prospects, he’s probably gauging your availability. In the interviewer’s mind he will be considering making you an offer and he will therefore need to know what his timescale is. If you’re job search is well underway and you have lots of interviews coming up, he will need to get an offer out quickly.

Chit chat

This is our final sign that you’re in there. If the interview turns into a chat, the interviewer is attempting to bond with you. There are times when an interviewer will revert to conversation when they’re not interested but the content of the conversation will probably centre on you. What we’re talking about here is chit chat about you which is designed to make you feel comfortable and to help you bond. This sign is particularly clear when there are two or more interviewers and each of them engages in chit chat with you.

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