How to know if I am burned out

If you’re asking yourself: how do I know if I am burned out you probably are. But there are a collection of tell-tale signs that will help you self-diagnose before you over step the mark.

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What is burn out?

Everyone says from time to time that they’re burned out but they probably don’t really understand what they’re saying. We tend to use the term when we’re a bit under the weather or a little too tired for work. Burn out is an extended period of time where someone experiences exhaustion and a lack of interest in things, resulting in a decline in their job performance. Most burn out is attributed to chronic stress. When the demands being placed on you exceed the resources you have at hand, you become stressed. If this stress is left unchecked, burn out can affect your happiness which will have an adverse effect on your relationships, your self-image and your ability to perform at work.


This is the first and most obvious sign that things are going wrong. If you’re an otherwise healthy individual who is feeling tired all the time and you don’t have enough energy, you might be heading for burn out.


A lack of motivation is another sign. Perhaps it was your ability to motivate yourself that got you to college and ultimately got you the dream job that’s now causing you stress. If you’ve lost your motivation, you’ll find it difficult to get up in the mornings and hard to push yourself to achieve your goals.


Whether you’re experiencing frustration, cynicism or negative emotions, feeling bad about almost everything in your life is another sign. If you’re seeing the worst in everyone and you’re being too pessimistic, then this is another sign of burn out.

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