How to get back to work after a long break

Taking time off work is great but it inevitably leads to a change in your mind set that needs overcoming when you have to return to work. For a woman, maternity leave is probably the longest break they have away from work. For a man, it could be a long term illness that side lines him. Find out how to get back to work after a long break so your prepared for the next step in your life.

Life skills

Don’t make the mistake of believing that your time away from work was wasted because life skills are work skills. Taking time out to bring up a family or to look after a sick loved one needed a level of responsibility that most employers will really appreciate as long as those commitments have subsided by the time you reach the interview stage. These “soft skills” of organisation and adaptability could be exactly what a firm are looking for.

Setting objectives

Before you start searching jobsite.co.uk or similar sites take time to discuss your future with your friends and family. What’s the driving force sending you into the job market? Is it a lack of fulfilment from your time at home or the practical need to make money? Understanding this before you embark on your job search will help you to set objectives.


Things change so you need to keep your CV up to date. A CV isn’t just a record of your achievements, it’s a sales tool that poses the employer questions and creates some intrigue. For a comprehensive guide on how to write a successful CV, click here.

Fresh start

Making a fresh start is difficult but it’s far easier when you’ve had a break from your old working routine. Returning to work doesn’t have to mean going back to what you did before. The time off may have changed you as a person so the old work routine may no longer be suited to you.

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