How to get a salary increase without upsetting your boss

Most of us think that we’re undervalued at work. It’s human nature to want more and that’s especially true if you’ve worked for the same company in the same job for a number of years without a major pay rise. Even if your firm are generous with their pay rises, which is not often the case nowadays because of the global financial crisis, you probably still want to know how to get a salary increase.
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Hand your notice in

Handing your notice in can lead to a salary increase but only if you have another job to go to. Don’t over estimate your value to the company, particularly if you’ve been in the same job for a while. If the boss hasn’t seen fit to promote you over the years, he or she probably won’t be shelling out more money when you hand your notice in. But things change if you’re off to a better paying job and your manager wants to match or better the salary you’ve been offered in an effort to keep you loyal.

Ask colleagues what they earn

Finding out what your colleagues earn and then demanding that you’re paid the same has worked for some but it’s also backfired for other workers desperate for more money. If you’re a female worker who suspects that her male colleagues earn more money, you may be in a better position to discuss an increase in pay. This approach could upset those above you and it could ultimately hurt your chances for promotion with the firm, so this is a method that’s best used if you’ve reached the top of the ladder or if your skills won’t let you climb any higher.

Be prepared

No matter how you approach this, be prepared. Do your homework and have some arguments ready to back up just how valuable you are to the firm. Don’t blurt out your request with emotion and don’t be forceful. You’re making a request, not a demand.

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