How to get a position on a board of directors

Serving as a board member can be a fulfilling and rewarding task. It’s not just something for the older generation to do before they retire from working life. But that’s no longer the case in the modern world which dictates far more from corporate governance. Find out how to get a position on a board of directors so you can be part of this growing corporate change.


The UK is one of the best places to be if you want to get involved at board level as we have strong regulatory systems and our laws mandated corporate governance guidelines for public listed companies that demand a high level of input from the firm’s executives.


You really should consider your motivationbefore embarking on this sort of venture. If you’re comfortable acting for others, then this sort of role would work well for you. You’ll need to be the sort of person who takes responsibility and someone who want to see change. One of the best boards to join is a board of directors for a charity. Helping to make the big decisions for a firm who make a difference in other people’s lives could be the motivation you need.

How to get involved

Appointments are made on a recommendation basis so you have to let people know you have this aspiration. Becoming involved with the board you’re interested in becoming a board member is necessary if you’re thinking of approaching a society or charity. The chances are though that you will already be involved with the group you’d like to become a board director for so what skills are required?


Being financially literate is a key skill. You should also make the effort to understand a director’s duties. You can get this information from those who have held or continue to hold a board member’s position. This is basically a promotion of sorts so click here for a few ideas on how to advance your career.

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