How to get a job in investment banking

Are you business-focused and highly numerate? Interested in how finance and banking fits into our world today? Fantastic! A career in investment banking could be right for you. Investment bankers are responsible for underwriting new securities issued by a bank’s clients. They also help raise funds in the capital market, which is quite exciting. Here’s how to get a job in investment banking.

Top tips for getting in

Entry-level jobs in the bank and investment sector are some of the best paying in the UK. You can earn up to £50,000 on starting. As a result, competition is steep in this industry. In most cases, you will need to have studied a numerate subject at university like finance to acquire basic skills and expertise needed in the industry, such as risk management, investment banking, insurance, portfolio construction and development of financial models.

If you are wondering how to get a top spot job in investment banking that has been publicly advertised, a master’s degree or MBA with a concentration in a particular field such as accounting is typically a must today. Moreover, given the international nature of much of the work in the industry, modern technology and language skills are in high demand. Investment banks need people with a good grasp of technology skills and abilities, including ability to design and implement high-tech developments in everything from high-speed networks to big data and cyber security.

Internships and work placements

One of the best ways to get a graduate job with an investment bank is to go through internships and work placements. Banking and investment employers are always searching for fresh graduate talents to take their business forward. Many of these employers recruit their graduate joiners from summer internship programmes they run for penultimate year students. You need to apply for the summer internship program the previous autumn.

The spring week work placements for first years is another program investment banks run that is a great way to fast-track a summer internship and test out early on whether investment banking is the right career for you.

Build contacts

If you decide you’re interested in a career in investment banking, it pays to get going early. As a tip, try to build contacts over time by touching base with old classmates from undergraduate or graduate school who work at firms you are targeting for employment. Also, reach out to individuals with similar interests and form professional relationships with them. Don't forget to network on banking and investment online forums and websites.

While it’s not who you know, but what you know and how you apply it that does the tick on how to get a job in investment banking, consider subtle name-dropping during the interview process when the individual you know is a reputed employee. That can give you a small advantage over others.

Good luck.

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