How to find publishing work experience

If you want to work in publishing, you need to gain solid experience. A publishing work experience placement can give you exactly that. It will allow you to develop the skills necessary for the industry, plus will look great on your CV and give you the chance to make some important contacts in publishing.

How publishing work experience works

A few of the larger publishing companies run work experience programmes. These are normally one or two weeks long. However, the majority don't have any official programmes like this - so it's up to you to organise the placement that you want. For example, you could ask for a weekly placement over the period of six months, a summer placement or a short stint for a week or two. This allows you to fit the placement around your current commitments.

Where to find publishing work experience

If you're looking for a work experience placement in one of the larger publishing houses, check the company's website for details about their intern and work experience programmes. This information will usually be found under the "Careers" or "Work for Us" sections.

However, most publishing companies don't run programmes like this. In this case, you'll need to gather the contact details of the companies that you are interested in working for, including the name of the HR or manager or the manager of the department that you would like to work for. Send your CV to them along with a letter requesting whether it would be possible to arrange a placement.


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