How to find jobs abroad

Jobs abroad are a wonderful way to expand your horizons, experience a different way of life and meet new people. It's no surprise that tens of thousands of Britons head overseas to work every year. But if you want to find jobs abroad, what is the best way to go about getting work?

You have two main methods: using a work abroad agency or organising work yourself. Using an agency can be advantageous if you don't speak the local language. An agency can direct you through the application process and help you get set up with the necessary tax numbers (equivalent to the national insurance number) and even accommodation in the new country.

However, as you might expect, this help doesn't come for free. Some agencies charge an upfront joining fee while others operate more like recruitment agencies in the UK, taking a percentage of your salary. Try to opt for the later, if possible - this type of work abroad agency has more incentive to find you a job. Remember to check out third party reviews of the agency before you sign up to anything or give out your personal details - there are some con artists out there and it pays to be cautious.

If you want to organise jobs abroad by yourself, you'll need at least intermediate local language skills in order to navigate the application process. However you'll save money on agency fees and be able to apply for jobs that aren't on the agencies' "list" of partner employers.

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