How to find genuine home jobs

How do you spot genuine home jobs from the fakes ones? Unfortunately, this is a dilemma faced by many jobseekers in today's market. Although the digital revolution has led to more work from home jobs than ever before, it has also lead to an increase in online scams.

While there are some great opportunities that will allow you to earn extra income from home, there are also fraudsters who advertise fake vacancies as a way of stealing your money. Here are some things to watch out for:

  • Genuine work from home jobs don't usually involve sign up fees or investments. Unless you're starting up your own company, or buying equipment for freelance work, you shouldn't have to spend a penny to get jobs from home. A real job will pay you.
  • Beware of jobs that involve you recruiting more staff or members. Unless you're working with a recruitment firm, these are likely to be cleverly disguised pyramid schemes. 90% of people who get involved in pyramid schemes lose their money.
  • Genuine job advertisements rarely use intrusive advertising like junk email or internet pop ups. Look on reliable job sites for vacancies with big companies, and the local media and Gumtree for vacancies with smaller companies.
  • Beware of companies that ask for lots of your personal details without good cause. Only give them your bank details after you have thoroughly researched the company and established that it is genuine.
  • Ignore any job adverts that seem too good to be true - it's likely that they are.


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