Freelance Writing: How to Earn Money from Home in the UK

More and more people are becoming self-employed and working from home. The incentive of setting your own working hours, working whenever is convenient for you and working in the comfort of your own home has appealed to most UK citizens nowadays. With the declining job market, many people are trying to think how they can earn money from home in the UK, hoping that a home job will be an easy alternative.

However, working from home is not an easy venture. You have to be very self disciplined to avoid distractions; you'll rarely be paid a standard salary when working from home, so bringing in the monthly income is completely down to the hours you work and the effort you put into your home venture. Normally, home based jobs actually pay less than normal jobs because online employers are not obliged to obey minimum wage regulations in most cases. If you want to earn enough money to get you through the month you need to work hard and set dedicated hours.

Copywriting, Content Writing and Blog Ventures - The "online writer" bandwagon has grown over the past few years, drawing in professional writers as well as stay at home mums. Knowing how to make money at home in the UK writing articles or online content is a risky venture, but it can definitely pay off if you have a way with words. Look for online content agencies that employ UK writers, such as WiseGeek, Demand Media or Zemandi.

You can also jump into the world of Revenue Share by producing article content on blogs or sites (such as Associated Content or Hubpages); you'll be paid for the amount of keywords in your blogs which draw in readers, or the amount of readers who click an advert on your blog. If you're interested in writing for the web from home, check out the top tips online first (look for start up solutions, start up guides, writing guides and reviews of content writing websites).

Advertise Your Services - Use online websites, such as Gumtree, and advertise any service others could use (i.e., freelance content writing, web design, data inputting etc). Gumtree and other similar sites are also great for finding employers looking to hire freelancers or anyone working from home. If you're thinking of delving into the world of content writing in particular, try sites such as PeoplePerHour or eLancer, which work as "project bidding" sites.

Create a Schedule - Your payment depends on the work you produce. Freelancing, in any form, is difficult if you can't set yourself deadlines. If you think you know how you can make money online in the UK using freelancing services then set yourself a tight schedule; find potential jobs from several sources, calculate your work hours and time your payments accurately.

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