How to do well with online study courses

Online study courses are a great way to boost your skills and enhance your CV without having to sacrifice any of your existing commitments (such as a full time job or caring for your family), or having to commit to a fixed schedule.

However, online study courses can be difficult - and we don't just mean the subject matter, we mean the learning environment.

If you have never studied via distance learning before, you could be in for something of a culture shock. It can be difficult to adjust to managing your own study workload and studying at your own pace. In fact, online study courses tend to have a much higher drop out rate than classroom based courses.

If you want to do well with online study courses, you should ensure that you have planned your studies carefully (for example, by use of timetables or by setting goals).

You will also need to be extremely self disciplined. It's hard to do this without being fully committed to the course, so choose your course wisely and make sure that it's in a subject that you are passionate about.

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