How to claim for a pay rise without alienating your boss

If you think you’re undervalued in your job, join the queue. Most of us feel that at some time or another. Whatever you’re paid, it’s never enough for the hassle you get and the grief so can you do anything about it? A new job will give you a pay increase but you’ll be taking a risk. You could ask for a raise. Find out how to claim for a pay rise without alienating your boss.

The work

The right method varies depending on the type of work you’re doing. Local government and school workers in England, Northern Ireland and Wales for example have a mechanism by which they can claim for a higher salary through Unison. This is a trade union, so working together with colleagues for fairer pay is a way of avoiding direction confrontation with your superior but still making your point about wages. Trade unions aren’t available in every walk of life, so you might need to take this on yourself.

Other’s pay

The very best way of claiming for more money is to prove that someone else in the team is getting paid more than you are. If they’ve been at the firm less time than you and they’re at the same level as you, you can make a point to your boss that you should be on equal pay. Finding out how much someone else is on is very tricky. You can only ask them directly because HR and management aren’t allowed to divulge that information. But if you do find out and you’re sure you’re correct, ask the question politely in a one to one situation with your manager.

Be ready for rejection

You can ask anyone anything if you react calmly and take on board what’s being said. Asking for more money will normally lead to an uncomfortable conversation but you can make things easier by accepting the decision. If nothing else, you’ve made yourself clear and your boss will be aware that you believe you deserve more. Don’t forget though that by asking for more money, you’ve put the spotlight on yourself so whether you get more cash or not, you’ll have to prove to your boss that you’re undervalued by continuing to provide excellent work.

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