How to choose a photo for LinkedIn

Choosing a photo for something like Facebook is pretty easy. Your profile with a social media site like that only needs to reflect your personality but that’s not the case with LinkedIn. This site’s main aim is networking so you need to remain professional. Your image should represent not only you but your current employer. We’ll tell you how to choose a photo for LinkedIn that will get you the right type of attention.

Top tips

The most obvious tip is to choose an image that looks like you. The site’s all about networking so make sure that anyone who comes across your profile can be confident that they’ve got the right person.


You should make sure that your face takes up around 60% of the frame. This means that the sort of image that would work for a passport or driver’s licence would be ideal for this site. Expression

The right expression on your face is vital. Make sure that you look positive and approachable, unless you’re looking for the sort of job where being approachable is a no-no (for example a doorman).


The clothes make the man someone said once (Shakespeare probably) and that’s absolutely true. Don’t use an image where you’re dressed casually if you normally wear formal clothing to work. Don’t be under or overdressed. Getting that pitched correctly for a man isn’t too difficult but it can be a harder balance for woman to achieve because the boundaries between work and casual clothing is often blurred.

The background

You want all eyes on you so don’t picture yourself in front of a distracting background. Keep the background a neutral colour if possible so take your picture in front of a simple painted wall.


Don’t upload a selfie if you’re serious about getting a job or networking. Of course there are industries in which the selfie is appropriate but that’s not true for more professions.

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