How to build a portfolio for writers

Thousands of people are checking out work at home jobs for extra income. If you are a talented writer, you can make good money writing from home. Online portfolios are excellent methods for showing off your writing skills when applying for jobs. Learn how to build a portfolio quickly and easily.

Building a portfolio

It is not difficult to learn how to build a portfolio, but it does require a little research and time. You will need to research where to place the portfolio online, identify your clients and website traffic while showcasing your best work.

Portfolio hosting site

There are many theories on the best way to display your work with a portfolio. You can choose a free hosting site such as WordPress or Blogger and have no hosting fees. However, the other school of thought is using a paid web hosting service. Web hosting services often have more bells and whistles with a professional appearance.

Using your own name as your domain name with paid hosting is another big advantage. Your own domain name is more impressive on a CV than a domain address of freewebsite.com/yourname.

Identifying clients

Knowing your niche and the type of clients or employers you are trying to attract may directly affect the layout and design of your portfolio.

When you specialise in a specific niche such as gardening, you should showcase several article samples pertaining to this field. The more articles you have directly related to this field helps employers to make quality hiring decisions or sell customers on your writing skills.

Portfolio traffic

Determine if your purpose for the online portfolio is only to showcase work to potential employers or to gain new customers. With a little SEO effort, you could take advantage of both purposes for portfolio traffic.

Tips for writing portfolios

Showcase your best articles around your niche subject. Your niche is your field of expertise. Make sure the web site is clean, ad free and offers simple navigation.

Include a variety of samples and briefly explain each sample such as copy writing ads, research articles or press releases.

Two of the most important things to include when learning how to build a portfolio are your contact link and information about why you are qualified to write.

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