How to Become an Estate Agent in the UK

Estate agents might be having a hard time compared to the days of 100% mortgages, but they still earn well. That’s especially true for estate agents in affluent areas of the country and major cities. Since you’re researching how to become an estate agent, you’re probably interested in a career change or you’re coming to the end of full time education. Either way, we’ve got some guidelines that will help you complete your goal.
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Transferrable skills

If you’re looking to change careers and you have transferrable skills, you’ll probably find the process far easier. Great interpersonal skills, enthusiasm for working with the public, a head for numbers and confidence in yourself are all skills that you could have developed in other sales jobs. Even something as different as recruitment consultancy could give you a foundation in the sorts of skills you’ll need for working in property management.


If you’re looking to move into full time work after your studies are over, you’ll need a business or management studies qualification. Other accomplishments that will help you get a foot in the door include IT qualifications as the work increasingly calls for the competence on the web and digital photography. If you are studying something else, you could still make it as an estate agent but your CV won’t have the sort of qualifications that attract employers.

Ways in

There are lots of routes into estate agent work. Graduate schemes are often available with the larger firms but that’s not the norm for the industry. You’ll probably have the most luck if you join a recruitment agency, but you should also approach estate agents. You could E-mail, call or step into your local estate agents to find out if they have any vacancies.

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