How to become a Silicon Valley programmer

If you’re a programmer of any sort, you’ll aspire to work at Silicon Valley. We’ll tell you how to become a Silicon Valley programmer but you’ll need skill, resourcefulness and determination to make it in this type of job and those aren’t qualities that can be learnt.

Becoming a good enough programmer

By aspiring to work in Silicon Valley you’re basically saying that you want to become good enough to work anywhere. In order to do this, you’ll need to understand the three basic elements of programming: conceptualisation of an idea, the implementation of the idea and the optimisation of the implementation.


This is the art of translating a fuzzy goal into something you can describe in discrete technology blocks. Some in the industry call this “architecture”.


This is all about taking the concept and turning it into bits and bytes that run on code. This is a very useful skill to develop and it’s highly profitable whether you make it to Silicon Valley or not.


This is the final stage in programming and it’s very different from the other stages because it’s about understanding why your program is taking up time and resource and then being about to reduce both of these elements. To be a top-notch developer in Silicon Valley you’ll need to master all three elements.

Where to find work

If you’re skills and experience mean that you tick all of the boxes, you’ll need to know where to look for work. Uploading your CV to a site like indeed.com will feed available jobs to you via your inbox. You should also check out siliconvalleycareers.com which will give you a greater understanding of the career path you’ve chosen to tread.

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