How to become a fitness instructor

Personal trainers can earn really well. It’s also a rewarding career as you’ll see results from your work and you’ll benefit other people’s lives. We’ll tell you how to become a fitness instructor in the UK and give you an idea of which courses will give you the right grounding for a career in the fitness industry.
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Gym instructor qualifications

You need qualifications before you can be taken on as a fitness instructor and one of the best ways of getting the necessary qualifications is to take a Level 2 Gym Instructors course. As a level 2 course it’s the same grade as a GCSE so it’s achievable for most people. This course will open you up to a career in a gym or health club in the UK and abroad. A typical course, like those run by people like Diverse Trainers (diversetrainers.co.uk) or Discovery Learning (discovery.uk.com) will set you back around £500.

Personal trainer qualifications

This is the level you really should aim at. Whether a job as a personal trainer is something for the future or something you can realistically achieve now is up to you. You’ll need a Level 3 qualification to become a personal trainer. This is an A-Level or BTEC grade qualification so with hard work and dedication most people can pass the course. As with the Gym instructor course, you’ll find these qualifications with Diverse Trainers and Discovery Learning, but you should also check out Focus Training (focus-training.com) and Fitness Industry Education (fitnessindustryeducation.com)

First Aider

Although this probably isn’t the sort of thing you’re really aiming at, becoming a first aider can be a great step towards a career within the fitness industry. A course which will lead to a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recognised certification will normally only set you back £125 and it’ll teach you the first aid skills you’ll need if your client sustains an injury during training.

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