How to become a debt collector in the UK

Debt collecting isn’t the right job for those who fight fire with fire. It’s also not the sort of job for anyone who empathises with others too much. Do become a debt collector you really need to have the right attitude. We’ll tell you how to become a debt collector in the UK as there are prescribed routes that most workers in that field take.

Credit controller

The first type of job a debt collector can carry out is that of a credit controller. This job basically involves a little accounting skill, a little verbal talent and the ability to remain cool under pressure. You’ll be working as a team so you’ll need to be able to integrate well with others. To get into this type of job, your best option is to take the CICM course. The Chartered Institute of Credit Management’s course is the ideal training ground for this type of position. Head to cicm.com for more information.

High court sheriff

Okay the title makes this job sound like it should come with a six-shooter but there’s no gunning down the bad guys if you’re an enforcement agent. This debt collection job puts you face to face with debtors who have defaulted after being taken to court. It gives you the power to take their possessions in lieu of payment. It’s not the sort of job that everyone can do because it’s very demanding but if you’re self-motivated and you have the stomach for this sort of thing, the work’s rewarding. Go to hceoa.org.uk for more info.

Self-employed debt collector

This is the sort of job where experience pays as the laws and the regulations governing debt and credit rarely change. The procedures and the best practices are pretty universal too so there are lots of opportunities to work for yourself if you gain enough experience in the industry.

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