How to become a coolhunter

Are you the sort of person who can see what people will want in the future? No, we’re not talking about a carnival clairvoyant, what we’re talking about is a coolhunter. Find out all about the job and how to become a coolhunter.
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Job description

When we tell you that coolhunters are also known as cool spotters or trend watchers you might start to get an idea of what’s involved with this type of job. This is a position in which you’re asked to monitor and predict future trends in fashion, technology, entertainment and youth culture among other things. The work basically involves researching and developing an eye for which way the wind’s blowing. If you’re the sort of person who keeps an eye on the future, this could be the job for you.

Wages and expectations

As a guideline you can expect to earn at least £25,000 for this type of work but some coolhunters have been known to earn twice as much from their work. As with any other specialised industry, the reputation you create in the industry will push you onto bigger and better things. Prove yourself and firms will come calling for your expertise.


There are courses on Cool Hunting that will help you get a foot in the door. The University of the Arts London (UAL) offer a course of the subject that focusses on fashion but also touches on how to identify trends in all industries.

Long term future

This is a growing industry which means that there’s loads of scope for career development. If you prove yourself in the industry and your reputation leads to more work offers than you can field, you could start your own agency.

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