How to become a boss at work

There are obvious financial benefits to becoming a manager but there are lots of additional responsibilities so you should weigh up whether the additional wages are worth it in the long run. We’ll tell you how to become a boss at work but you’ll need to figure out if that’s right for you on your own.
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Tough at the top

They say that it’s tough at the top and that it’s lonely up there too. That’s for good reason. When you become a manager an invisible barrier will form between you and those you used to work side by side with. This is natural as you will have gained powers that can affect their working lives. You might find that those who confided in you no longer open up.

Why become a manager

Aside from the boost to your finances, becoming a manager opens you up to more responsibility and a greater understanding of your department. You have to remember though that there will also be sacrifices as the additional work will lead to headaches and confrontations that you didn’t experience in your old job. You’ll also be new to the position which will be a shock assuming that you’ve worked in your previous job role for a while.

Preparing for the role

You’ll need more than desire to become a manager no matter what department you work for. Managerial aptitude is important and you need to demonstrate that regularly to those above you. To get a job in a position of authority you’ll need to be an expert in your field. Your manager won’t promote you if he or she believes you need too much polishing.

Right connections

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know is a well-worn cliché but it’s also true. The right connections can push you up the chain far quicker than talent. Taking on more work, volunteering for additional duties and helping management to achieve their goals are all ways in which you can demonstrate that you’re ready for the next step in your career.

Pay rise

If a management position isn't right for you, why not consider asking for a pay rise?

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