How to ask for an interview

If you know the company that you’d like to work for but you’re thinking about approaching them for work, you’ll need to know how to ask for an interview.
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Approaching a firm on the phone can put you into a nightmarish web of conversations that bounce your call from one department to another until you’re routed to the right team. Even if you carry out research and find a contact name, your call may not get through to the right person. Calling can also be an issue as you may say the wrong thing or you might not come across well so you should always approach a firm in writing.

Step 1

There are several steps to writing a successful letter. Assuming that you’ve carried out sufficient research and you know who you need to write to, you should begin the writing process. The first line should express your interest in the firm. There may not be any work in the area within which you’re presently employed so make sure that your letter sets out your desire to work for the firm rather than your interest in working within a set area of the business. Your second sentence has to request the interview so that the reader knows your intentions but quickly follow up with some details about your qualifications and experience.

Step 2

The second paragraph has to highlight your skills in greater detail. This is where you begin to convince the reader that you’re a quality candidate. Select qualifications that align you with the firm. If you’re looking for work with them and you’re intention is to work your way up from the bottom, you may want to talk about any similar firms you’ve worked for rather than any specific about the job roles you have been working.

Step 3

This paragraph’s about your core competencies and any professional skills you have. Put key words and phrases into this section that showcase your professional values, just make sure that they’re in line with the values your prospective employer has. The firm’s mission statement, which can often be found on their website, will give you an idea of their values.

Step 4

End by saying “thank you” and ask about an interview. You don’t need to be too direct here, something like “I welcome the opportunity to discuss this job opening with you in a personal interview,” would work well for most positions.

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