How to ask for advancement at work

With most jobs knowing your place in the food chain and keeping your mouth shut are the best ways of getting along but how do you get yourself noticed if you want to be promoted? Find out how to ask for advancement at work in a way that won’t alienate your boss or put your manager on the spot.
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What not to do

There are loads of common mistakes to avoid including asking your manager for too much at once. Don’t ask your boss for a pay rise, new working privileges and a promotion too close together. You really should only do these things once a year when the annual performance review takes place as this is an ideal time for your manager and you to discuss the future.

Merit alone

Promotions are not based on merit alone so don’t make the mistake of thinking that your hard work will lead to advancement in your career. That’s not always the case. Politics and interpersonal relationships come into the picture far too often so you should take time to understand the corporate culture under which you’re working.

Long term goals

Don’t get too wrapped up in the next promotion that you forget your long term career goals. Chasing the next step for the sake of it will be obvious to your manager who may just see you as a “brown noser” who wants to skirt on his coat tails. Make sure that you drive your career choices with ambition rather than arrogance and ego.

Make it a win / win situation

You’ve got to see your manager’s point of view and make your promotion into a win for him or her as well as you. Taking some of their workload off them through this promotion could be a way of steering your boss towards the decision you want them to take but this can also be a dangerous game as you could end up with more work handed to you without the added benefits of a promotion.

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