How to apply for Britain's Got Talent 2015

If you believe you have an incredible gift, then we show you how to apply for Britain’s Got Talent 2015. The process is fairly easy by completing an online form and then showing up for the audition when you get an invitation to perform. We outline the steps so you can show Britain and the world what you can do.

The steps

Here is how to apply for Britain’s Got Talent 2015:

1. Go to the website of ITV (itv com) and click on the ‘Click here’ for an application form.

2. It will take you to a page where you will be shown three ways to apply:

  • Audition in person

Fill out the application form for Britain’s Got Talent Audition Day. You will specify your act and the number of performers. You can even select your preferred audition city such as Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Dublin, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich and Portsmouth. Those who will be invited to audition in person will be sent an email notification.

  • Audition via video

Like the process when you audition in person, you need to complete the application form with all your personal details, physical and email address and contact numbers. You will then need to submit a working link to a video clip of your act. You can also upload the video clip by clicking the ‘Select file’ box.

  • Audition by post

If the two methods above are not convenient for you, send your DVD or show reel audition by post to this address:

Britain’s Got Talent

Thames 1

Stephen Street

London W1T 1AL

State your full name, date of birth, email address and telephone numbers so the people from the show will know how to get hold of you. In addition, include a description of your act when you send in the audition tape.

James Smith at Britain's got talent performing Feeling Good by Nina Simone

What happens next

Now that we have shown you how to apply for Britain’s Got Talent 2015, you must be wondering how long before you will hear back from the show organisers. Bear in mind that the show industry is a cutthroat competition with so many hopefuls vying for limited spots in the semi-finals. Only 40 acts will qualify for this round which is a live TV audition. However, your submission will be reviewed and you will receive a notification inviting you to an audition in selected cities on specified dates. After this, waiting time will vary from 2 to 3 months if you have made the cut.

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