How to apply for a job by email

If you’re thinking of using the web to find your next job, don’t just go to an employment site like monster.com or jobsite.co.uk and register your details as there are other ways you can apply for work. We’ll tell you how to apply for a job by email and how to make the right impression when you do.
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Professional appearance

Using Email is quick and convenient but don’t make the mistake of firing off lots of applications without giving each one a lot of thought. Don’t forget, you only need one job so make sure that you get your covering letter, your CV and your references right before sending them out. Make sure your documents are in PDF or Word. PDF is preferred because the firm you’re applying to may not have the same level Word package as you, which could change the formatting you’ve spent ages perfecting. Normally you can go through File and Print as PDF. If that’s not an option for your Word package, check out adobe.com/uk. Save your documents under your name so prospective employers will know whose covering letter and CV they have when they save the docs.


You could write your covering letter onto the body of the Email or keep it as a Word document. Whatever you choose, it’s important to following the instructions in the advertisement you’re responding to. If you’re not using your covering letter in the body of the Email, write a brief note to say which position you’re applying for and that your CV and covering letter are attached.

Subject line

This is something that could stand you apart from your competitors, as people often don’t give it any thought. Make sure that you mention your name and the position you’re applying for in the subject.

Final word

Once you’ve pressed send, forget about it. Don’t chase up the application until well after the closing date. If you didn’t get a response from your Email client saying that the message wasn’t sent, you’ll have to assume that it was received. You won’t get the job if you badger the firm to confirm receipt of the CV and covering letter.

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