How to Answer Competency Questions for Retail Positions

You know the feeling, sitting in an interview room for a job in the retail industry and all of a sudden you are asked "Tell me about a time when you did so and so sucessfully?". These competency type questions can be quite scary so we will run through how best to answer competency interview questions for retail jobs.

Common Competency Questions

Some common questions when it comes to retail work include asking about your teamwork skills and your ability to communicate with colleagues. Retail management positions demand a different skillset yet again and common competency questions you would get when interviewing for a manager position would relate more to leadership and determination skills.

So, how best to answer competency questions for these retail interviews? The first step is proper preparation before the interview takes place. Research the company to get a feel for the type of skills they value in their staff. For most positions that are advertised you get a lot of clues to what these may be from the job description. Often, you can find staff profiles for those in similar positions in the company on the company website so examine these carefully.

Once you feel you are sure what the interviewers will be looking for then it is time for some self examination. This is one of the hardest things to do but it is necessary to make sure you would be a good fit for the available retail position. The skills that you have that match the ones the interviewer will be looking for are the ones that you will focus on most in your interview preparation.

Strategies to Answer Well

It is important to have the right technique as to how to answer competency questions in your retail interview. When asked a communication question like "Tell us about a time you clarified a confusing task for your team" it is vital that you focus on clearly communicating as well as informing them of a time you informed colleagues and helped focus them on a task. When asked about how well you work in a team then you must demonstrate a major contribution you made to a team project or how you led a team in an efficient way.

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