How much does a engineer make in the UK?

Money isn’t as important as job satisfaction, but you want to be paid the market rate. If you’re asking how much does a engineer make in the UK, you’re probably looking to start a career as an engineer. If so, the following guide will help you assess the job market and the offers you end up with.
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Career aims

Whichever engineering discipline you’re thinking of working in, you should expect to earn at least £20,000 when you begin. This is a job where you don’t need a superior to leave the business for your pay grade and job title to improve, so don’t worry too much about the starting salary. Concentrate instead on whether the firm and the work they do match your career aims.


There are different pay grades for each specialism. The current average salary for the UK’s four main disciplines are –

  • Electronic £32,500
  • Mechanical £37,500
  • Civil £47,500
  • Chemical £42,500

There are also differences within each specialism, so the industry you’re working within will also determine the salary. As an example, chemical engineers tend to make more money working in the oil and petrochemicals industry than they do anywhere else.

Professional registration

It’s always a good idea to be attached to a professional body. To become a Chartered Engineer you’ll need an engineering degree and at least five years experience, but it will make your job searching far easier as your CV will automatically be pushed to the top of recruiter’s pile.

Career progression

With any career, most workers are interested in improving their position but with engineering roles there is more scope to improve your wages and climb the ladder. If you show initiative while working on one project, you could be put forward for more demanding work on another.

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