How much can you expect to earn with jobs in cleaning?

Jobs in cleaning offer consistent employment in a variety of outlets. Here we provide an overview of what you can expect to earn in these roles.


The rates for cleaning jobs depend on several factors. Are the posts with cleaning companies, or will you be launching on your own? If you’re just starting out, the former would be the preferable option as employers will train you while you earn. With experience you can branch out into the latter where there will be more opportunity to make serious cash, as you’re cutting out the ‘middle man’.

The other factor that will have a major influence on your pay packet will be the nature of the cleaning job. Industrial cleaning, demanding specialised skills such as knowledge of potentially toxic or hazardous waste material, will attract more money.

General cleaning

General cleaning duties are carried out across a wide cross-section of business premises, from schools to offices, and encompass everything from window cleaning to hovering and dusting. A typical salary would be around £14,000.

Industrial cleaning

There is an extremely high demand for cleaners in the industry and mining industry, particularly in the North Sea. Offshore oil rigs and drilling operations often require the services of a number of full time cleaners.

Cleaning companies in places like these are now offering a £500 joining bonus. Cleaning jobs in the mining industry are offering attractive packages ranging from £18,000 all the way up to £32,000 (including private health care and insurance).


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