How home based recruitment can find you a job

Home based recruitment can refer to either of two things. The first is finding a job that can be carried out at home, whilst the second refers to working in a specific role in the recruitment industry whereby you carry out the role at home, remotely. This article will focus on the former - finding a home based job.

Nowadays, more and more companies are jumping on the remote-working bandwagon and allowing their employees to work from home. The reasons for this are twofold: firstly, research suggests that home-based recruitment yields happier, more productive workers. Secondly, current technology is now as such that it allows companies to offer home-based work to their staff without excessive costs to the company. In fact, many home based positions require little to no investment by the employer as the technology is, in most cases, already set up at the employee's home.

How to go About Home Based Recruitment

Finding a job that can be carried out at home is a simple case of knowing where to look. Firstly, one thing to bear in mind is that remote jobs are not necessarily region specific. What this means is that a company based in Bristol, for example, may be happy offering the position to anyone in the UK (perhaps even the world), as the work does not need to be carried out on site. The job, however, may be advertised in the Bristol area. So, how do you know where to look?

First try the major job search websites such as Monster. Most of these sites now have the ability to filter results so that only remote roles are shown. However, a great way is to search via a search engine such as Google or even social media sites such as Twitter. Carry out a search for the following terms: remote work, home based jobs and home employment. Change the settings on these websites so that only results that were published in the last month are shown. You will then see only the latest mentions, adverts and general discussions about these types of roles. If the role was mentioned on twitter, you could even contact the employer directly via your own twitter account and sell yourself first hand.

There are more and more home based recruitment opportunities available; do a search and see what you can find

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