How about a recolation to Dublin for the right kind of marketing job?

The People Group in Dublin have a good news story in a tough environment. In terms of advice for prospective job seekers, The People Group recommends getting back to basics, and keeping it simple.

Talk to the experts, let them guide you in terms of what options you have and how best to achieve your goals. This is a time to get the basics right, from your CV to your interview and preparation techniques. Effective recruitment and job seeking is a science and there are many ways to both increase your chances and improve your offering to prospective employers.

The recruitment industry has undergone many changes over the past 20 years. These changes have seen massive growth across a number of different areas. Companies have come and gone, and currently according to the National Recruitment Federation figures almost half the recruitment work force, has left the industry. Yet it seems that one company in particular has moved from strength to strength and continued to focus on their core specialist areas while developing and growing their business.

And the number of Marketing Jobs currently on their website shows just how successful this recruitment agency is; Supply Chain Executive, Marketing Manager, Online - with a starting salary of 80k or a Senior Brand Manager – starting at 70k, are just a few of the many Marketing positions available in the newly awakened Dublin.

Check out www.peoplegroup.ie for more details on jobs in Ireland.

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