We check out some housing jobs in Bristol

We all know that the property bubble has well and truly burst all across the United Kingdom, but falling house prices coupled with favourable mortgage interest rates has seen something of a resurgence of the housing market in recent months. With this resurgence comes an ideal opportunity for anyone who was interested in housing jobs in Bristol to make the move into the housing industry for once and for all.

Since the level of competition within the housing industry has cooled off considerably, there has arguably never been a better time to get your start as an estate agent. As an estate agent it will be your job to sell or rent both commercial and residential properties. Your day to day jobs will include valuing properties, checking property condition, getting quotes for repairs or work, liaising with banks and other financial institutions during the sale process to ensure that everything goes smoothly, researching the local area so that you know any problems that may arise with certain properties, vetting prospective tenants, checking properties' compliance with health and safety regulations and resolving any disputes that may arise between buying and selling parties regarding properties that you have been involved in the sale of.

To get a start as an estate agent it is recommend that you have at least a HND in surveying, estate management, business studies or engineering. There are also a number of different professional examinations to be taken before you can be classed as fully qualified.

The wages start at between £10,000 and £20,000 OTE per year for trainees, but once you are deemed to be fully trained in you can expect to earn between £25,000 and £55,000 OTE per year. Obviously these figures will depend on your performance, so selling regularly is an essential part of the job.

If you want to speak to one of the estate agents in the Bristol area about the possibility of coming to work for them as a trainee, we have included the addresses of some of the most popular below;

  • Andrews Estate Agents, 80-82 Gloucester Road
  • Ocean Home, 201 Gloucester Road
  • Besley Hill Estate Agents, 66 Gloucester Road
  • Greenwoods Property, Knowle, 148a Wells Road
  • Savills, 20 The Mall


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